What Are ThriveTypes?

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ThriveTypes are a set of archetypes that form a framework for understanding ourselves and others based on specific natural capacities and patterns of values and behaviors. ThriveTypes offer people a unique opportunity to easily access their authenticity and a path for rapid growth. They offer a rich and deep description of how each person sees, feels and interacts with the world and how they can become more fluid and masterful at contributing who they are so they can make the biggest, most meaningful impact.

[I've provided so much information on this website to have it be a resource for you and others, however you might mislead yourself and others because of blind zones that are actually Masks - take care!]

Each of us is on a journey to discover and honor who and how we really are. We share a desire to most effectively contribute, enjoy community, manifest abundance, and live in balance. We want to connect with others and explore creative endeavors that are meaningful and of service. We want to produce extraordinary results while experiencing joy, playfulness and fulfillment along the way. Our opportunity is to discover our purpose, what is most fulfilling and easy, what feels most energizing and productive, what others most appreciate, and how we make the greatest contribution.

The best way we know to directly access this kind of success is by assessing or "reading" a person’s ThriveTypes. These serve as a guide for how to lead, live and love from the place of greatest authenticity. A person’s Thrivetypes can be thought of as their personal sweet spot for thriving.

ThriveTypes are most accurately assessed by Intuitive Eye Readings. We all have a sense of how much we see in each other's eyes - recall the last time you met someone who was wearing dark sunglasses so you could not see their eyes. You can likely recall feeling disappointed or frustrated because you lacked all the awareness you have when you can see people directly. Also, we all know the phrase, "Eyes are the window to the soul."

ThriveTypes assessments help people quickly learn how to create better results and achieve deeper satisfaction by providing a roadmap for focusing them on what they do best, how they can best do everything they choose to do, and how they feel most fulfilled. They also predict who, or at least which types of people, we’re most aligned with for activities in business, life and romance.

ThriveTypes assessments have demonstrated to be precise and comprehensive; their use impacts results immediately in all areas of leadership, life and love. A person’s ThriveTypes point directly to their areas of genius and show the lessons they are learning along the way. This roadmap is useful for guiding personal and professional growth for years.

A distinguishing element of ThriveTypes assessments is they not only identify what people currently believe about themselves and how they behave, as do other personality assessments, they also identify the most authentic values, skills and talents that are often hidden behind what we call Masks. Masks are overlays of family and cultural training that distract and prevent people from engaging from their natural and innate ways of being. When a person does what is authentic, they substantially increase results throughout their business, life and relationships and experience much more joy, exuberance, collaboration, and fulfillment.

When you Know Your ThriveTypes you’ll quickly be able to:

Determine your life purpose and genius (everyone has genius) and step into how you best thrive in all areas of how you lead, live and love – so you experience the greatest ease, productivity, and fulfillment plus make the greatest contributions;

• Recognize your most productive, impactful growth opportunities and engage them;

• Deeply understand and honor others in your life, relationships and workplace, and recognize which differences and similarities are at the source of challenges and at the heart of opportunities;

• Uplift and very effectively improve professional and personal relationships to empower collaboration and synergy; and

• Identify and choose more aligned relationships, partnerships, business teams, and communities.


A ThriveTypes assessment describes a variety of characteristics:

Talents – fulfilling, authentic, and most productive skills, abilities and values

Pacing – rhythm and segmenting of integrating and sharing experiences

Communication – order of integrating and engaging thoughts, feelings and actions

Decision-Making – spaciousness or focus and preferred speed in making choices

Defense – protection mechanism of overusing flexibility and/or structure

Motivation – goal that is sought out and deeply satisfying to achieve

World View – consciousness, perspective, philosophy, or underlying framework

All the different ThriveTypes characteristics are independent. A person can have any 3 Talents with any Pacing, any Communication, any Defense, etc.


Knowing and Using Your ThriveTypes

A complete assessment will define your particular selection of all these ThriveTypes – the ones that are authentic for you – and it will also shine light on your Masks. Becoming aware of your ThriveTypes will likely have an immediate and huge impact on how you understand yourself, see other people, and interpret your interactions.

Quickly you’ll see ways you can change your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors so everything is easier and you experience more joy and better results. Simply recognizing one’s natural Talents can open up whole new areas of passion and creative expression. Also, each characteristic has a series of lessons to engage. By accepting how and where you are, learning, and growing, you’ll have a greater range of choices in all you do.


Big arenas in which ThriveTypes are useful include:

• determining one’s life purpose

• tuning or choosing career direction, selecting great employers and managers

• advising on various human resources and talent management activities (e.g., hiring and firing decisions, realigning teams, motivating and managing employees, getting the most from everyone while contributing to them as well, culture change)

improving personal and professional relationships that are having challenges

• identifying and stepping into new opportunities in existing business and personal relationships, empowering collaboration and harmony

• making new romantic choices and matchmaking (certain patterns of ThriveTypes align more easily and produce more growth than other combinations)

• life, business and relationship coaching and therapy

parenting – honoring children, decreasing Masking, creating ease in families

education – honoring the diversity of learning styles and interests

sales, marketing and customer service – most effectively reaching customers and clients

business and legal negotiations – any situations facilitated by more accurately interpreting and predicting people’s behavior

performing arts and casting – for strategizing who and how to most authentically play various roles


ThriveTypes assessments are designed to open possibilities rather than label and limit – they elucidate opportunities and speedy pathways for thriving, for everyone.

ThriveTypes can be assessed for individuals, couples and teams, and specially trained coaches are available for facilitating integration of all this new awareness and to apply it in all you do. Trainings, classes, and further readings are available as well.